We develop an extension to RapidMiner which can be used for instance selection, but also for mining large datasets, to shrink them to be acceptable by common data mining algorithms.


Instance Selection and Prototype-Based Rule (ISPR) plugin can be installed directly from RapidMiner marketplace by selecting in menu Help→Updates and Extensions.

A working copy and the most recent version of the library can be obtained form the GitHub repository:, checkout and update commands has public access.

To install it manually simply copy the jar file into the RapidMinerX/lib/plugins folder. This will automatically force RapidMiner to load this extension.

Usage Examples

Materials with examples of how to use ISPR can be obtained from: This examples can be also directly imported into RapidMiner project using Community/MyExperiment RapidMiner extension.

A new book „USE CASES WITH RAPIDMINER” is approaching with a chapter describing the ISPR extension. Recently a draft is available here

List of implemented algorithms

This library includes a large number of instance selection algorithms:

  1. CNN
  2. ENN
  3. RENN
  4. AllKNN
  5. GE
  6. RNG
  7. IB3
  8. ELH
  9. ELGrow
  10. Explore
  11. RMHC
  12. MC

also prototype optimization:

  1. LVQ1
  2. LVQ2
  3. LVQ2.1
  4. LVQ3
  5. OLVQ
  6. WLVQ
  7. SLVQ
  8. SNG
  9. GLVQ

and clustering algorithms:

  1. VQ
  2. FCM
  3. CFCM
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